Splitting Hairs
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"Splitting Hairs" is the 19th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


Two is lacking in confidence prior to appearing as a contestant on his favorite game show. But he learns that with experience and family support that he can acheive his goals by relying on himself.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is an Irish and Scottish sheep herder in this episode. He sounds like Billy Connoly, a Scottish actor.
  • The game show Two is watching is called Who Knows What We're Talking About?
  • This episode throws shade at the fact that Two's voice actor, Colin Mochire, lost his hair and was comedically called "Captain Hair."


Would you look at that, Two. Fine sheep hair that's not too messy, laddie.

Two: They are.

Three: As long as they don't shed, that's all.

Two: Does that mean I can still have my hair for the rest of my life?

Three: Aye, it does, me lad. Now listen here, lad, if you want to keep your hair straight, you've got to cut it.

Two: Oh no! Anything but that!

Two: But what if my hair doesn't grow back i could wind up with no hair on my head