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Season 1.

1. Good Morning

2. Good Night

3. The Mystery of the Missing Five

4. Seven Monsters and a Baby. 

5. Are you my Family

6.  Please Mr. Postman

7. Doctor Doctor

8. Along Came Mary

9. Monster's Best Friend

10. Spooky 

11. The Plooky

12. Fair Play

13. Lost And Found

Season 2

1. Loosing Sam

2. Out of Sight

3. All The Marbles

4.  The Whole Tooth

5. My Fair One

6. Splitting Hairs

7. Elephant

8. A Day at the Firehouse

9. Runaway Mom

10. You are What you eat

11. April Fools

12.  It's a Wonder-Four Life

13. The Adventures of Super Three

Season 3*

1. Ear Spy(7)/ Bang! Zoom! Too the Moon!(2)

2. High Noon(8)/The Winning Streak(18)

3. All Quiet on The Monster Front(3)/Nightmare on Chestnut Street(10)

4. No Place Like Home(11)/Guys And Dolls(4)

5. Ahoy Me Monsters (6)/Gone But Not Four-Gotten(17)

6.Monster Trash(21)/The Bad Hop(22)

7. Five-y Tale(23)/The Big Store(24)

8.  Clean Sweep(19)/The Two Who Cried Ouch(20)

9. Dinner For Breakfast(12)/Drip! Drip! Drip! (5)

10. I'm Telling(9)/Voyage to The Bottom of the Cereal Box(1)

11. The Nose Knows(16)/A Pony Tale(13)

13. My Favorite Crustacean(14)/Pennies From Seven(15)

Season 4

1.  The Bad Word/Don't Pass Go

2.  And Baby Makes Eight/These Are Your Lives

* The Season Three episodes may not be in order due to the fact that when the episodes first debuted they would only show one story despite the fact that Season Three episodes  consisted of two stories. This is because at this time Seven Little Monsters was sharing a half hour block of the Bookworm Bunch with The Bearenstein Bears.  Here is a list of the combined episodes  for this block.  Later the episodes were put back together to make full half hour shows, as a result many episodes consist of shows that are do not have consecutive numbers. The number by each story shows the order that it first appeared in. Some of these pairings are estimations and may not be accurate. 

Voice castEdit

Joanne Vanicolla as One
Colin Mocrochie as Two
Dwayne Hill as Three
Sean Cullen as Four/Five/Seven
Michele Scarabelli as Six
Debra McGrath as Mom


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