My Fair One
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"My Fair One" is the 18th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


Coming soon!

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is a Sportscaster for the first time, while the second time will be in "A Five-y Tale", wearing the same clothes and same hairstyle only in a different color. He sounds like Howard Cosell. He also has the same Brooklyn accent.


Three: Hello, fans. I am Sportscaster Three. I'm here to present to you the Centerville baseball game. First, here comes One as shortstop. Next, here comes Two as a right fielder. Oh, dear. Here comes Four and Five. Four is the pitcher and Five is a pinch runner. Here's Six as an outfielder. Last but not least, here comes Seven as a lead off. Ok, sports fans, are you ready to play? Then batter up! It's time to see Billy, our newcomer as he gives it his best shot at the game.

Three: Well, lookie here. Looks like One has thrown a perfect pitch to the game! How marvelous!

Three: I said it once, I said it a thousand time. One, you are as perfect as you always are.

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