It's a Wonder-Four Life


Four is frustrated with his brothers and sisters and wishes it was just him around and not them. His wish comes true, but very soon, he begins to miss them and regrets his wish.


  • This episode is a spoof of Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life.
  • Belinda is in the role of Four's guardian angel throughout the episode. It is the only time she talks in the series. This is because Star Zero is training to become a full wishing star and if she is successful at granting Four's wish, she will deserve her own twinkle. She is voiced by the same voice actress as Six.
  • Three is a French chef in this episode and will appear again in "High Noon"
  • Two is a TV seller in this episode.

One is a janitor in a garden, Seven is a baker at a bakery, Five is a dog and Six is a dance instructor.

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