Good Night
Good night

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"Good Night" is the 2nd episode of Seven Little Monsters.


It is bedtime and the monsters will not listen to their Mom and go to sleep. Pillow fights, conga lines and even a mosquito hunt is among their antics. But when Mom reads them a fairy tale (featuring the Monsters in classic roles such as Cinderella, Snow White and Goldilocks) they tumble off to sleep.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • In Mom's story, Four (named Brick-Brack) calls Five by his real name when he is supposed to call him Ringle-Jing.
  • Three is a safari hunter in this episode. He speaks with a Cockney accent. However, in the story Mom read, we get to see Three in his own personality. He will also be seen in his normal personality in the episode ''Are You My Family?''.
  • One is Gockle, Two is Schnozzle, Three is Grip Graps, Four is Brick Brack, Five is Ringle Jing, Six is Pinky Pank, and Seven is Bob.
  • In Mom's bedtime story, Three is technically mentioning his real name when Six tells him that's not his name in the story, his fairy tale name is Grip Graps but he never really meant his real name, he just meant that he was agreeing with Four about being hungry.


One: (she listens to the noise) PLEASE! I know I don't have to say this!

Four: Then don't!

One: But the last thing that we want is for Mom to come up here and not find us asleep!

(When the monsters make noise a second time.)

Four: (he hides from Mom's noise) We're doomed!

Mom: (comes upstairs) Quiet it got in here-too quiet.

(She checks on all the monsters.)

Mom: One minute, I am hearing with the peep from Two. (runs up to Seven) And then Seven lunking about bugs in bed. (then goes to Three) Finally, mosquito hunting comes for all my dookles. And balls bowling are mooking everywhere. (she grabs Three's net.)

Three: We can't go backwards, Brick Brack. Let me do it!

Six: Where have you two been?

Three: Schnozzle got into an argument with a giant over who could smell who better and with a "Fee, fi, fo, fum!" the giant quit and climbed back up his beanstalk.

Two: My what a great big nose I've got!

Three: Bob is right, Gockle. There is an horrible troll down there that likes to eat schnookles.

Troll: Who's that crossing my bridge?