Gone But Not Four-Gotten
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"Gone But Not Four-Gotten" is the 34th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


At a baseball game a very loud Four annoys Six so much she wishes he couldn't talk at all. Her wish comes true when Four loses his voice and the monsters go on a search for it all over town. Back at home, Mom prescribes bed rest for Four, and soon his voice is back as loud as ever.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is back as a detective in this episode. He is known as Sherlock Three, as another parody of Sherlock Holmes using a British accent. He sounds like Sherlock Hemlock from Sesame Street. He wasn't seen since ''The Mystery of the Missing Five''.
  • The monsters search Four's voice all across town, from the dog pound to the radio station.


Three: Egad! Now there's our first clue. To the dog pound!

Five: Doggies! (when the monsters reach the dog pound)

Four: (whistles and mumbles something about Five being left out in a dog cage)

Three: Come on, let's go!

One: Five, if it haven't been for Four, we might have left you there at the dog pound.

Seven: How do they get all those songs and voices inside that little box?

Three: It's elementary, my dear Seven. Voices are very tiny. And you can lure them in there with peanut butter which what they love.