Doctor, Doctor!
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"Doctor, Doctor!" is the 7th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


With the help of "Doctor" Three, the Monsters try to cure Two's cold so they can all go to the movies. After many hilarious remedies lead nowhere, they discover that Mom's advice of getting plenty of rest is the best cure of all.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is a doctor in this episode. His voice is a cross between Groucho Marx and Jerry Lewis. While in the bathroom, Three uses his Pirate Captain Three voice. He takes a bath with Two.
  • This is one of the final times that the Monsters sing against a number that's greater than 7 (in this episode's case: the number 10).


Three: Doctor Three is in the house! Now, for my first patient!

Three: You sir, have a cold. Two, I'm going to do a diagnosis on you. I'll get my stethoscope.

Four: Three, that's not a stethoscope. That's my CD player!

Three: Oh, sorry, Four. Now, where was I? Oh, yes.

Six: Hear anything?

Three: No, I can't hear anything.

One: Doctor Three, you put the stethoscope on Two's knee, not his heart.

Three: Oh, right!

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