Are You My Family?
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"Are You My Family?" is the 5th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


Six feels left out after One tells her that she ruins the Mother's Day surprise because she feels like she is too special to cut out the hearts. Thus, she ran away from home, finding a new family. First, she went to a display shop, imagines that the family figures in the display were hers. She can't find any family and begins to cry. Then, she came across a group of street performers, who were mime artists. She joins the act, to thunderous applause from the audience. Finally, she became the star of a travelling circus. Her siblings went to the circus to rescue her. When they get there, One apologizes to Six for wishing that she finds another caring family. Then, they all became part of Six's circus act. The audience quickly loves their act. When they got home, the monsters yelled "SURPRISE" to their mother. Their mother was touched and all the monsters celebrate Mother's Day, which went off without a hitch.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • This is the second episode when Three is normal since '' Good Night ''.
  • In the circus, the monsters were dressed as clowns.
  • ERROR: When Two give the red construction paper to Three, Three is seemingly taller than Two.
  • The song ''Seven Seats on Our Bike'' will be used again in the episode ''Out of Sight''.


(After Six leaves.)

Three: (to Four) Where do you find another family?

Four: You don't find a new family! You have to be part of one!

Seven: We found Belinda.

Four: Belinda is a cow!

Seven: Six?

Two: She joined the circus?

Three: And she's the star of the show!

One: Come on, everyone! To the bike!

(With Six back, the monsters can now sing their song. They're now singing the song "Seven Seats On My Bike".)

All: Seven, Seven-Seven's a perfect dix. We're in heaven, we reeled it up to six. We don't need to take a bus...

Six: (sings)...Or the subway? No, not us.

All: Oh we repeat upon the seats, For a bicycle built for:...

One: ONE!

Two: TWO!

Three: THREE!

Four: FOUR!

Five: FIVE!

Six: SIX!

All: (singing) SEVEN!