All the Marbles
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"All the Marbles" is the 16th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


It's Mary's birthday and the monsters wanted to make the biggest surprise ever for her. Things go awry when Seven accidentally buys marbles instead of markers. Seven lies to the others about that. But soon, he decides to come clean and returns the marbles to the store.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

Three is a scientist in this episode. He is a parody of Thomas Edison and sounds like a mix between Ed Wynn and Peter Lorre. In the dump, he wears pilot attire. He will return again but with a different clothing in The Monster Trash.

The monsters went to a circus themed toy shop. At first, they were greeted by a salesman clown.

The monsters sing a song while going to the dump to the tune of "William Tell"


Three: Hello, my creation! This is going to be amazing!

Three: Let's go to the dump! We'll find Seven's cereal box there!

Three: Behold, the wonders of garbage!

Three: Eureka. I have the perfect invention!

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