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"A Five-y Tale" is the 37th episode of Seven Little Monsters.


When Five is having trouble learning how to somersault, his siblings try to give him advice the same way Mom usually does - by telling a story. They tell some crazy fairy tales but only when Mom returns home is the moral of the stories revealed - "try, try again". This inspires Five to try, try again until he accomplishes a perfect somersault.

Trivia / Goofs / NotesEdit

  • Three is a game announcer in this episode. His voice is based off of sportscaster Howard Cosell. Howard Cosell was the voice of Dirty Dawg in The Kwicky Koala Show. He speaks with another Brooklyn accent after "Losing Sam". Additionally, this is the second time that Three iso a game announcer, after the episode "My Fair One". Only, in "My Fair One", Three's hair is black, while in this episode, Three's hair is orange (and also a toupee).


"Five no somersault..."
—Five, Seven Little Monsters

Three: Yes, sports fans, the young Five wanted to learn how to somersault in his spare time.

Three: The young Five wanted to learn how to somersault. His loyal fans tried to help him out with stories. Sixterella, The Frog Prince, even the terrible saga of Donavan the Hedgehog, but not of them helped him at all.

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